Time to Euromit 2023

Welcome Letter from the Congress Chairs

Dear Colleagues and Friends, while we all are still fighting against the pandemic, we have hope that thanks to vaccination our life will return to normality in a reasonable period of time.

With this strong trustiness in vaccines, we are happy to announce the 2023 Euromit Edition in Bologna Italy.

As in the best tradition of this meeting, we will encourage the participation of different professions ranging from clinicians, to clinical scientists and neuroscientists, to basic scientists, to reinforce the idea that integration is the only way to progress.

We will also propose a change of paradigm by stimulating the participation of young scientists and clinicians, which will form the next generation of researchers in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine, and by involving in the meeting also researchers working in different fields to increase productive scientific contamination. Special attention will be given to favour and increment gender equality in this meeting by proposing a panel of speakers well balanced from this point of view.

Considering that in the next two years we will probably assist to acceleration in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine, we predict either novel technologies to be available as well as novel therapeutic approaches and possibly clinical trials to ameliorate the life of our patients. All these contributions will be present and articulated in the scientific sessions.

We will welcome all of you in Bologna in 2023 for the Euromit meeting for the organization of which, we will put all our efforts to combine a great scientific experience with the warm hospitality and friendship typical of our country and people.

Best wishes for good health to you, your families and your community.

Truly yours,
The Organizers

Valeria Tiranti (Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta, Milan)
Valerio Carelli (University of Bologna, Bologna)