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Gen Sight

Gold Sponsor

GenSight Biologics is the first European biopharma and tech company to develop and combine gene therapy with pioneering technology in order to create and give access to new therapeutic solutions for patients with severe ophthalmic diseases.

Created 10 years ago, GenSight Biologics is the result of a unique partnership between academic research and entrepreneurship. We combine the advantages of a biotech with those of a pharmaceutical company.

We have a singular focus: provide access to treatments for patients suffering from vision loss. Our therapeutic area is serious degenerative diseases of the eye and central nervous system. Our approach is to pave the way to bring breakthrough therapies to patients.

We are present at the major stages of gene therapy and technological innovation. We develop, test, produce and market therapeutic approaches supported by our two proprietary technology platforms: Mitochondrial Targeting Sequence, or MTS, and optogenetics. Our biologic compound is capable of restoring cellular functions altered by a rare mitochondrial disease in the heart of the retina. Separately, we leverage optogenetics, which harnesses the latest science, combining optics and genetics, to amplify light stimulation on neuronal cells, resulting in partial restoration of sight.