28 02, 2023

Call for abstracts Deadline postponed!


Postponement of the call for abstracts deadline We know that finishing preparing the abstract for submission requires time, and for this reason, we decided to give you seven more days! Now you have time until March 7th to submit your abstract for Euromit 2023, so don't miss your [...]

Call for abstracts Deadline postponed!2023-02-28T16:48:14+01:00
2 02, 2023

Registration open!


Registration open Registration to #Euromit2023 is now open! Register now to have a discount on your fee by selecting the Early Bird fees! To register go to the Registration Form! If you need more information on the different fees, visit the fees page! Please, note that in order for [...]

Registration open!2023-02-02T13:46:49+01:00
10 01, 2023

Deadlines postponement


Call for abstracts deadline postponement We have received various requests for a postponement of the deadline for the call for abstracts. For this reason, the deadline for the call for abstracts was postponed from January 29th to February 28th. Consequently, the notification of acceptance and the deadlines for [...]

Deadlines postponement2023-01-10T13:02:38+01:00
4 01, 2023

travellerpoint(dot)org spam


Warning of a scam from travellerpoint(dot)org  If you received emails from travellerpoint(dot)org, please be careful. The email asks about arrival and departure dates to Bologna and offers a hotel booking form where they ask for credit card details. We are doing all we can to avoid this from [...]

travellerpoint(dot)org spam2023-01-04T14:23:14+01:00
5 12, 2022

Call for abstracts deadline postponement


Call for abstracts deadline postponement The deadline for the call for abstracts was postponed to January 29th! This way, authors will have all the time to work on the submission of the abstracts after the Holidays season! SUBMIT NOW!

Call for abstracts deadline postponement2022-12-05T15:52:48+01:00
11 11, 2022

Topics for abstract submission


Topics for abstract submission The impact of mtDNA variation and environment on rare and common diseases mtDNA maintenance and expression Modelling pathogenic mechanisms: OXPHOS, metabolic rewiring and tissue specificity New technological developments and OMICS Inflammation and Immunity as mitochondrial contributor to pathology Mitochondrial mechanisms in neurodegeneration and neurodevelopment [...]

Topics for abstract submission2022-12-05T15:52:18+01:00
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