Late Breaking News OPEN!

Submissions for this category are now open!
If you want to share your latest research with your peers and the rest of the community, this is your chance!
You will have two weeks to submit your work, so be sure not to miss the deadline on May 15th!

Dates open for submission: May 1st to 15th.
Accepted topics: any of the topics of the conference, such as

  • The impact of mtDNA variation and environment on rare and common diseases
  • mtDNA maintenance and expression
  • Modelling pathogenic mechanisms: OXPHOS, metabolic rewiring and tissue specificity
  • New technological developments and OMICS
  • Inflammation and Immunity as mitochondrial contributor to pathology
  • Mitochondrial mechanisms in neurodegeneration and neurodevelopment
  • Metabolic stress responses in mitochondrial diseases, ageing and cancer
  • Clinical 1: from new genes to old and novel phenotypes
  • Clinical 2: natural history, biomarkers and outcome measures
  • Therapy 1: preclinical developments
  • Therapy 2: clinical trials
  • Therapy 3: reproductive options and mtDNA editing

How to submit:

  • After having created your account on the Conftool submission platform you will be able to submit your abstract by clicking on “Your submissions”;
  • Choose “Late breaking news” and fill out the form;
  • Remember to press the “Save Submission” button on the second screen in order for your abstract to be considered for the reviewing process!

You can read all submission guidelines here.

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